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The Mr. Ohm project provides a state-of-the-art robotic platform with advanced sensors such as lidar, radar and RF spectrum analysis to support computer science instruction in secondary education and is partially designed by electrical engineering students completing capstone senior design courses at multiple universities. Students create engineering reports documenting their work, so future teams can incrementally improve the design.

Boston University
Boston, MA

"Without a doubt, my involvement in the Mr. Ohm project has given me the skills necessary to create discrete transistor circuits in the future. I received practical skills and a better grasp of circuit design through this assignment. I was able to translate theoretical ideas into real-world situations, which would surely help me in my future job."

"We have a broad selection of circuits we can choose from like RF circuits, power circuits, and digital circuits. Each module contains at least two or more of the options. I think students can find whatever they like in Mr. Ohm to work with."

Iowa State University
Ames, IA

"This project definitely made me more prepared to design discrete transistor circuits in the future."

"The open-source nature of the Mr. Ohm project I think is great because any work that is devoted to this project good or bad, can still aid others from making the same mistakes the previous group made."

"On behalf of the entire Iowa State Senior Design Team, I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your guidance and support throughout the semester. Your expertise and commitment have played a crucial role in ensuring the success of our senior design project. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, and we genuinely hope our paths cross again in the future."

The University of Vermont
Burlington, VT

"Mr. Ohm is a great project for electrical engineering. The website is very good since it explains the circuit very well."

"We are incredibly thankful for your guidance in helping us understand how the sensors and circuits that make up your robot work. We are happy to have worked on this project and hope you continue to work with more UVM students in the future."

The University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

"The fact that the schematic is built by capstone design students, and it is an overall multiple-team project is outstanding. I haven't heard of or seen any other senior design project work this way. I believe this should be standard and will most likely pave the way for senior design projects in the future."

"The open-source nature of the Mr. Ohm project is one of the highlights of the project. Mr. Ohm's purpose is to educate students and learners. I am happy that any and all improvements, tips, and suggestions from my capstone report will be there for anybody to reference."

"The Mr. Ohm project offered so much variety of different circuits to choose from to work on. There were still so many other subsystems and circuits to choose from despite there already being about 2-4 other schools working alongside us."

"It was a pleasure to work on this project and to work with you through this whole process."

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY

"I love to tinker with electronics but when it comes to analog I often use op amps or application specific commercial chips because they are easier. (in some ways) Now that I have worked with transistor level a bit more I have more confidence to work with transistor level design. In fact, I recently used transistor level design in a class AB amplifier. I probably would have used a power opamp if I had not gained this experience from the Mr. Ohm project."

Minnesota State University Mankato
Mankato, MN

"I think that an open-source robot is a brilliant community project. Especially to students who want to learn by hands on experience and the communication between the robot's creator, Daniel Walker is amazing."

"Working through building the circuit and simulating them and being safe to change things to my own liking to see what happens build a lot of confidence."

"This experience improved a lot of problem solving and research skills that's needed to build discrete circuits and to actually feel like I'm an engineer."

The University of Tennessee Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN

"I appreciate all the time you have taken to work with us as a team as the project adapted and took shape throughout the last couple of months."

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Student Contributor Reports

The Mr. Ohm educational robot was partially designed by the following electrical engineering students as part of capstone senior design projects. Engineering reports documenting their work are available below:

Boston University 2022-2023
Haoyan Zhang, Alejandro Roberto, Zhengyi Yang, Yidi Wu
AM Radio Localization Subsystem
Schematic Pages 3-4

Iowa State University 2022-2023
Raj Singh, Jordan McGhee, Tyler Smith
Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter
Schematic Page 15

University of Vermont 2022-2023
Kyle Lambert, Cole O'Shaughnessy, Lindi Hang
Fluorescent Light Direction Finding
Schematic Pages 24-26

University of Texas at San Antonio 2022-2023
Brandon Colon, Justin Moreno, Ryan Johannsen, Efrain Rivera, Abdul-Muizz Atanda
Schematic Pages 20-21

University of Louisville 2022-2023
Jacob Schopp, Dale Robertson, Leo Klarer
Vibration Sensor
Schematic Page 46

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 2022-2023
Oday Mohamed, Kaitlin Prince, Joshua Wright
Fluorescent Light Direction Finding
Schematic Pages 24-27

Minnesota State University at Mankato 2022-2023
Zeynel Karagoz, Gyumo Yang, Siene Haq, Kavin Atmakur
Non-contact IR Thermometer
Schematic Page 6


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The Mr. Ohm Project

As part of a congressionally requested effort to develop new learning opportunities to address a nationwide shortage of electrical engineers, BetterBots is facillitating student creation of a state-of-the-art educational robot with advanced sensors including lidar, radar and RF spectrum analysis.

With contributions from dozens of students at seven different universities, version 1.0 of the Mr. Ohm robot schematic source document spans 52 schematic pages and more than 4,500 components. This level of project collaboration is enabled by a focus on discrete board-level components, which are easily simulated and prototyped.

Percentage of ENG+CS degrees
An Industry In Crisis
The electrical engineering percentage share of all engineering and computer science bachelors degrees awarded in the US has dropped by 70% over the last thirty years. (source: NCES IPEDS)
From this open-source schematic, using an open-core business model, BetterBots manufactures and sells a commercial robot product which showcases electrical engineering design techniques for high-school students who learn to program using the robot as an educational tool for computer science instruction.

Founded by Daniel Walker, BetterBots is a leading manufacturer of educational robots based in Georgia USA, and has sold more than 10,000 educational robots to schools and universities all over the world.