Fluke2 Reference Materials


  • The 4 green LEDs in the center of the fluke2 are a battery power indicator. If only the left LED is lit then your battery level is low and if you are experiencing trouble with your fluke you should change your batteries.

  • The fluke2 does not require a PIN number to connect. If you are prompted for a PIN number when making a bluetooth connection to the fluke2 it means your bluetooth drivers are old and must be updated. You should install the bluetooth drivers that were supplied with your USB bluetooth adapter. If your bluetooth is built-in to your PC you should download updated bluetooth drivers from your PC manufacturer's website.

  • The fluke2 runs a linux operating system internally and takes 10-15 seconds to boot. You must wait for the fluke2 to boot before you attempt to establish a bluetooth connection with it. Booting is complete when you hear the second set of beeps and when the red CPU load indicator LED stops flashing.

  • If images from the fluke2 are taking more than 5 or 6 seconds to download then the problem may be wifi interference. Try disabling the wifi hardware on your computer and then reconnect to the fluke.

  • If you are seeing corrupted images from the fluke2 the problem may be your bluetooth adapter or laptop. Some laptops will display corrupted images when on battery power but work fine running from a wall power adapter. Some bluetooth adapters are slow or nonfunctional. We recommend the Azio BTD-V201 USB bluetooth adapter.

Myro Installation Files

Download the latest myro installer archive file from the link below.

Microsoft Windows Installation Instructions

  1. Uncompress the archive by double clicking on the downloaded file.

  2. You must run the install.bat file located inside the downloaded archive file. This file must be executed as the computer's administrator, and not as a regular user. If you are running Windows XP as the default user, it is likely that you already have administrator privileges, so go ahead and start the install.bat file by double clicking on it. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 right-Click on the install.bat file which will open a context menu. Select "Run as Administrator" from the context menu. Note that if you do not find an install.bat file, it may be because windows is hiding your file extensions. In that case, look for an "install" file that has a "Type" of "Windows Batch File".

  3. By running the install.bat program, you will begin installing a series of programs necessary for Myro to run. Keep clicking Next and Install until it is finished. Some general guidance:
    • Always choose Python2.4 if given a choice
    • If you already have Python2.4 installed, choose the Repair option
    • Always take the recommended defaults (except where noted here)
    • Never select Remove
    • You must have administrator rights to install the software (and upgrade it)

Alternative Microsoft Windows Installation Instructions

If you have trouble with the "execute as administrator" steps above you can try the following alternative installation instructions:
  1. Uncompress the installation archive to a directory on your desktop.
  2. Click the Start button.
  3. In the start menu, click the All Programs icon.
  4. In the Programs menu, click the Accessories folder icon.
  5. Right-click on the Command Prompt icon (which will appear under Accessories). Then select "Run as Administrator" from the menu. A window will open up. It is referred to as the Command Prompt.
  6. In the Command Prompt window, execute the install.bat file by typing "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\myro\install.bat" and pressing enter. If your windows username is different from Administrator replace Administrator in the filepath above. If your download directory is different from myro replace myro in the filepath above.

Additional Information

Installation Instructions For Other Operating Systems

For the latest information on installing Myro, as well as installation instructions for operating systems other than Microsoft Windows check the myro installation wiki.


The software can be upgraded to the latest version via the Internet. Double-click the "Start Python.pyw" file on your desktop to start the IDLE window. In the IDLE window, enter the following:
  >>> from myro import *
  >>> upgrade("myro")
If you get error messages about not having the proper permissions to write/upgrade files, you need to start python as an Administrator. The easiest way is to open an administrator command prompt (described above), navigate to your desktop, and run python "Start Python.pyw" in the command prompt window.

Next Steps

Go to http://wiki.roboteducation.org to learn how to setup the Bluetooth link to your robot. After you connect to your robot, you should check to see if the Robot or IPRE Fluke requires new software with the following python commands:
  >>> from myro import *
  >>> upgrade("fluke")
  >>> upgrade("scribbler")
  >>> init("")
Then you should look at the Myro Reference Manual.

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